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Pre-recorded Divine Liturgy
Follow the link to view our pre-recorded Divine Liturgies. We will be providing you with these videos until such a time as we are able to open the Church doors once again.

Our History

St George’s Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church of Sarnia

It is not clear exactly when the first Ukrainian settlers came to Sarnia, although it is known that they were here before the First World War.

Attracted by job opportunities. Others continued to settle in the area, particularly during the Second World War when workers were needed here to support the wartime industries such as Polymer Rubber Plant. Many Ukrainian families settled in the nearby community of Bluewater.

The end of the Second World War brought a large influx of Ukrainians from Europe who had been uprooted and displaced from their homeland by the war. Many of them were of the Byzantine Catholic faith.

Before 1949, there was no Ukrainian Catholic Church in Sarnia. Priests from Windsor came to celebrate Divine Liturgy (Mass) in private homes and later in Our Lady of Mercy School auditorium.

It soon became apparent that there was a great need for the establishment of a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Sarnia.

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Please contact parish office one year in advance.



Please contact parish office two months in advance.



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